About Water Filter Market

The focus of this website is to help people understand the importance of water and water supplies. Water filtration and reusable bottles go a long way to help create sustainability and make the world a better place.

We want to improve the world by replacing plastic bottles and educating people on how to drink great water with a simple solution.

Not only that, we want to help you understand everything about water, h2o, and human anatomy so that we can be healthy, save energy costs, and break free from pollution.

How it started

I own an SEO agency called SEO RANK SERP, it’s now a WordPress theme. And I was experimenting with how SEO works by creating a website called Crazy Coffee Crave.

It was a hobby that led to tremendous growth, and my love for coffee grew. You can say that I am a bit of an expert now.

I’ve researched and experimented with every coffee brewing method that led to how water played a significant part.

Water is essential to us all, and my curiosity led me to create this site to share with you all.

I am not a Ph.D. professor or scientist, but I researched how we get water, what goes into our water, how to drink water, how it impacts the environment, etc.

Primarily, this site was supposed to be about water filters and finding the best one for your needs. Then, I started realizing how we use so much water that it became a site to help educate and provide ways to create a better earth.

We must start thinking about sustainability, conserving natural resources, and reducing waste.

Please write me

I will most likely get mass-scripted emails, so I will most likely avoid any of that.

But I am an open book for opportunities…

It must benefit both of us if you are asking for a link.

I will only respond to offers, whether advertising space, links, or product reviews.

The reason being:

Most people will spam hundreds and thousands of sites for a link. That means I am wasting my time reading or not reading those emails. People always ask for something and do not give anything in return; I don’t live in that world.

The main focus of this site is to help people learn more about the environment, water, water shortages, sustainability, filtration, etc. So I am not here to give you links; you need to be worthy of my readers.

So tell me why your product/site should be listed here; how does it benefit my readers? How does it benefit me?

Pitching an article? We only write fully researched guides and not some fluff pieces. If you expect “3 ways to lose water weight” to be something I am interested in, I am not. I want every possible way you can lose water weight.

I hope this filters out most people spamming the world with nonsense.

Thank you 🙂

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