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What Makes Water Hard?

Water is referred to be “hard” if it contains high levels of magnesium, calcium, and other alkaline minerals in it. Scientists use the pH scale to measure hardness in water by measuring the hydrogen-ion concentration in the liquid. Low pH indicates the water is acidic while high pH means water Read more…

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History of Reverse Osmosis

A brief history of reverse osmosis  Reverse osmosis, popularly known as RO water is a process through which water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane. Ions, molecules, and larger particles are removed (Wikipedia).  In 1748, a French physicist called Jean Antoine Nollet used a pig’s bladder in reverse osmosis as Read more…

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How Does Groundwater Become Polluted?

Groundwater is water under the earth’s surface held in soil pores and in cracks in the rocks. Pollution of groundwater is a major problem that is affecting everyone. Little is being done by people in authority to manage water pollution. Where does groundwater come from? After precipitation (rain, snow, hail, Read more…


Types of Water Filtration Methods

Drinking safe, clean, and good tasting water is healthy. In most homes, water purifiers are used in removing bad odor, lead, and other chemical impurities found in water. Water filters have high efficiency, depending on the model acquired. Different brands and models function in unique ways. If you are planning Read more…

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Effects of Fracking on Water Quality

Water is a very simple molecular compound that occurs naturally on earth, yet so critical in maintaining human hydration. Water has numerous uses. Drinking safe water is good, but industrialization is using some processes that are making water less safe for human consumption. Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is Read more…


Water Pollution Guide

Water pollution majorly on freshwater sources has been expanding exponentially. Climate change has raised concerns about the environment and precious resources. Water pollution is now affecting drinking water, water for irrigation, lakes, seas, and oceans, leading to mass deaths of sea life. The oceans have become a dumping site for Read more…