When Can Babies Have Water?

When Can Babies Have Water? Without a proper water flter, it might be difficult or you might not be comfortable providing your baby with water. Here we provide everything you need to know about water and your baby’s health.

water retention

What Causes Water Retention When Sick?

Why do you gain Extra water weight when sick with a cold? Is it normal to experience water retention when ill? What causes water retention when sick? We will be answering all these questions here in this piece. So, if you have a query related to your body getting bloated when sick, keep reading to learn more.

brackish water

What is Brackish Water

What is brackish water? Brackish water is more saline than freshwater but less than that of seawater. It mainly occurs when sea and freshwater mixes. It contains about 0.5 to 30 grams of salt per liter. Brackish water has a large variance of salinity. Rains cause the boundaries of salt Read more…


The History of Water Filters

Do you ever wonder where and when water filtering started? Since the beginning of civilization, filtering water has always been a significant problem. That is from ancient Greece and Egypt up to date. Records are dating back to early civilizations on ancient water filters. Considering the increased water pollution since Read more…

hydraulic fracking

Effects of Fracking on Water Quality

Water is a very simple molecular compound that occurs naturally on earth, yet so critical in maintaining human hydration. Water has numerous uses. Drinking safe water is good, but industrialization is using some processes that are making water less safe for human consumption. Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is Read more…


Types of Water Filtration Methods

Drinking safe, clean, and good tasting water is healthy. In most homes, water purifiers are used in removing bad odor, lead, and other chemical impurities found in water. Water filters have high efficiency, depending on the model acquired. Different brands and models function in unique ways. If you are planning Read more…

What Does Charcoal Do In Water Filtration

Charcoal Filters and Carbon Filters Charcoal is an extremely porous carbon which forms when millions of micro-pores open between carbon atoms open up after it mixes with oxygen. Charcoal can attract and hold very many contaminants passing through it. People treat charcoal with oxygen to make activated charcoals that are Read more…