5 Best Bathtub Water Filters Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

by Jay | Updated on November 3rd, 2023

Often, when we discuss health and wellness, our focus primarily hones in on the quality of the water we drink. However, there’s another crucial aspect we tend to overlook: the water we immerse ourselves in during baths.

Given that our skin, the body’s most extensive organ, has a penchant for absorption, the significance of the water quality in our baths cannot be understated. If you’ve been pondering the effects of unfiltered water on your hair, skin, and overall health, this guide will shed light on the issue.

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We provide a detailed examination of the top five bathtub water filters in the market, catering to a spectrum of needs and budgets. Ranging from simple clip-on versions to advanced systems, these filters strive to purge detrimental contaminants, while some even reintroduce essential minerals. Your role? To pinpoint the one that resonates with your bathing preferences and individual requirements.


CuZn BathCrystal Quest Santevia
Removes ChlorineYesYesYes
Safe for BabiesYesYesYes
Life Cycle20000 gallons2,000 to 2,500 gallons of filtration7,925 gallons

Review of the top 5 best bathtub water filters

Water filters for bathtubs are no longer a luxury but a necessity for many, offering a healthier and more refreshing bathing experience. While there’s a multitude of filters available, only a select few truly stand out in terms of performance and value. Let’s dive into the details and get to know the best five bathtub water filters that promise to change your bathing game.

CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter – NO. 1 TOP SELLER!

The CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter reigns supreme in our list. Not only is it user-friendly and economical, but it’s also effective. This nifty filter latches onto your bathtub faucet, warding off the effects of hard water on your skin and hair.

Offering a year’s worth of pure water, the filter’s daily cost is a mere $0.11. Its cutting-edge KDF-55 technology ensures that water is cleansed without losing essential minerals. And for those concerned about spillovers? Its efficient flow rate extender funnel guarantees spill-free operations.

The difference post-bathing is palpable with smoother skin and silkier hair. As an eco-friendly option, it’s recyclable, and when the need arises, just switch out the cartridge, saving resources.

However, a gentle reminder: the effectiveness might be slightly reduced with extremely hard water sources such as well water. Some users noted a slight water color change initially, but it’s merely the filter kicking into gear. A few runs of the water, and you’re ready to revel in the luxury of the CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter.

Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter – OUR 2ND TOP PICK

A notch below our top choice is the Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter, another jewel in the bathtub filter arena. While it bears resemblance to the CuZn filter, it possesses its own set of standout features.

This marvel is adept at purging water of contaminants like chlorine, VOCs, and heavy metals, ensuring a serene and pH-balanced bath. No complicated setups here: hang the ball over the faucet, and let nature take its course. However, do remember to regulate the water flow around 4-5 gallons per minute to keep the filter at its prime.

Another highlight? Less residue on your tub, giving you the illusion of springtime freshness in your bathroom. Choose between classic white or stylish chrome to complement your bathroom aesthetics. Users should be aware, however, that wear and occasional leakage might prompt earlier replacements.

Santevia Organic Cotton Faucet Filter 

For aficionados of all things organic, the Santevia Organic Cotton Faucet Filter is a pure delight. This innovative bag-style filter not only banishes chlorine but also enriches your bath with vital minerals like magnesium and zinc.

The design is straightforward: water flows through a loofah-like material, which filters impurities. Simply drape it over the faucet, let the water cascade for a few minutes, and soak in the purity. This gentle filter is perfect for kids, sensitive skin types, and even your aromatic bath concoctions. While it’s effective, do note it requires replacements every couple of months.

Despite its simplicity, users have praised its efficacy, particularly in alleviating skin issues. The competitive pricing adds another feather to its cap.

Eleling Faucet Water Purifier – Non-US only

Available primarily outside the U.S., the Eleling Faucet Water Purifier is nothing short of impressive. Mounting directly to your faucet, this filter combats a plethora of contaminants, turning your ordinary tap water into a refreshing oasis.

Boasting three modes to fit your preferences, it’s easy to adjust to your desired water flow. The cartridge swaps are a breeze, but remember, it prefers the colder side of things. Keep the hot water at bay for optimal performance. Its user-friendliness and effectiveness have garnered much appreciation from international users.

AquaBliss Shower Filter

Seeking versatility? The AquaBliss Shower Filter steals the show. Doubling up for both showers and baths, it’s an all-in-one solution. Its shining reputation on Amazon, backed by numerous glowing reviews, is hard to ignore.

The filtration process is thorough, with a 15-stage system ensuring the eradication of contaminants while reintroducing beneficial minerals. The outcome? Velvety skin, robust nails, and lustrous hair. The setup is straightforward, and replacements are hassle-free.

With its vast customer base vouching for its unmatched quality, using it to fill up your tub ensures an indulgent and healthful bathing experience.

Why Bathtub Water Filters Are Essential

Ever taken a relaxing soak only to end up with itchy skin or lifeless hair? This might be due to hard water, a subtle culprit causing such nuisances. Consider this striking fact: around 60% of our daily intake of chlorine results from showering or bathing in chlorinated water. Besides, bathwater might be laden with heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Filtering your bathwater can effectively rid it of these detrimental agents. And the results? Remarkably softer skin and lustrous hair.

The Benefits of Water Filters

  1. Goodbye to Chlorinated Water: Your tap water might harbor chlorine and trace lead. Prolonged exposure poses health risks. Water filters excel at banishing chlorine and lead, particularly concerning for pregnant women.
  2. Bacterial Protection: Local tap water might surprisingly harbor bacteria. Filters ensure your bathing and drinking water remains untainted, safeguarding you from not just bacteria but viruses and other harmful agents.
  3. Combat Hard Water: Hard water, loaded with minerals, may not harm our body directly, but it can leave stubborn mineral deposits in your bathroom. Filters excel at removing these minerals, prolonging the life of your bathroom fixtures.
  4. Softer Skin Awaits: The minerals in tap water can sap moisture from your skin. With filtered water, those drying agents are eliminated, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and less irritated.
  5. Relieve Lung and Sinus Issues: Regular exposure to chlorine and lead in tap water can irritate the lungs and sinuses. Using purified water can alleviate any discomfort caused by unfiltered water.
  6. Economical in the Long Run: Water filters might seem like an added expense initially, but they can be cost-effective in the long run. They reduce bathroom maintenance costs by preventing mineral buildup, thereby minimizing repair expenses.

The Magic Behind Bathtub Water Filters

Curious about how these filters function? Let’s break it down.

  • Physical Filtration: Think of this as a sieve. As water passes through, larger particles are captured, letting cleaner water flow through.
  • Chemical Filtration: This method uses chemical processes to trap minuscule contaminants that physical filters miss.

In essence, physical filtration grabs the bigger impurities, while activated carbon filters trap remaining toxins. The resulting water is clean and safe for use.

Choosing the Right Bathtub Water Filter

Selecting the right filter requires understanding your needs:

  1. Functionality: Determine the purpose of your filter. Is it solely for the bathtub or for multiple uses?
  2. Conditions Addressed: Identify the primary issues you want to address – be it dry skin, brittle hair, or eye irritations.
  3. Filtration Goals: Understand what you want the filter to achieve. Whether it’s chlorine reduction or mineral removal, each filter is designed differently.
  4. Additional Features: Some filters not only remove impurities but also reintroduce beneficial elements.
  5. Aesthetics: If your bathroom decor is crucial, consider filters available in various colors.

Natural Methods to Enhance Water Quality

Apart from filters, some natural solutions can further purify your bath water:

  1. Vitamin C: This nutrient can neutralize chlorine and chloramine. Adding a teaspoon to your bath neutralizes harmful agents.
  2. Bentonite Clay: This clay binds to and removes toxins and heavy metals, making it a beneficial addition to detox baths.
  3. Minerals and Salts: Introducing magnesium to your bath can offer numerous health benefits, given its role in various bodily functions.


  1. Is a bathtub filter installation possible?: Yes, and it’s typically straightforward, offering immediate benefits.
  2. What do bathtub filters remove?: They can eliminate chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, pollutants, and adjust water pH.
  3. Should babies bathe in filtered water?: It’s a personal choice. However, babies might benefit from reduced skin irritations.
  4. How long do bathtub filters last?: Typically, 3-6 months. But always check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Is filter replacement possible?: Some units have replaceable filters, while others require a complete replacement.
  6. Is installation easy?: Most filters are user-friendly and easy to set up.

In Conclusion

For many, a bathtub water filter might seem like an indulgence. But given the clear benefits for skin, hair, and health, it’s a worthy investment. Among the many options, the CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter stands out as a top choice. It’s affordable, effective, and highly recommended for those seeking the best water quality for their baths.


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