13 Best Rain Shower Heads Reviewed: Buyer’s Guide

by Jay | Posted on July 15th, 2022

Just imagine a rainstorm falling on your head. The feel and the sound of it all are nothing short of soothing. So if you love the relaxing feeling rain storms give, why not have your rainmaker in your shower?

Best rain shower heads

SparkPod SH-3270 Rainfall Shower Head

Let’s start with a staple favorite. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy on the wallet. The installation takes about five minutes with no tools required since it’s attachable to standardized shower arms. But what if it won’t fit? No worries! Thispack comes with a Teflon tape to assist you with the fitting.

showerhead rain

As you can see, this is aesthetically pleasing with health benefits on its shoulders. In addition, it has a water pressure high enough to keep your pores clear. You can also install a filter if you want to regulate the pressure to save on bills or get the pressure you prefer. 

Another beautiful thing about the SparkPod is its self-cleaning, thanks to its ABS plastic Luxury Chrome. So you can expect it to stay clean for years and years. While some raised issues about the possible lack of durability because of its plastic build, it comes with either a one-year replacement warranty or a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.


  • High water pressure
  • Hot water for longer
  • Self-cleaning


  • Durability issues

Shower Head Euphoria 260 by GROHE

A great head with a variety of patterns.

If GROHE’s pricey panel was out of your price range, the Euphoria 260 might be a better solution. This disk-shaped head satisfies WaterSense regulations, is reasonably priced, and has all of the capabilities found in their higher-end models.

The Euphoria 260 has you covered whether you prefer a soft rain or something with a little more strength for your hair. This 10-inch spray head includes three spray patterns, giving it an advantage over comparable models at this price point.

SmartRain Spray uses the entire head, whereas Rain Spray provides a 7-inch broad shower by limiting pressure to the outer ring. Jet Spray and the inner ring can create more intense showers.

Because it attaches to any standard pipe and features a rotating ball joint with 15 degrees of swivel, changing patterns is as simple as installing it. It has a capacity of 2.5 gallons per minute and is easy to clean thanks to its SpeedClean nozzles and StarLight Chrome finish. The inner WaterGuide is also useful since it keeps the shower head cold while extending its lifespan.

There isn’t anything to dislike about the Grohe Euphoria 260 unless you prefer StarLight Chrome or Brushed Nickel. If you live in a water-stressed location, you’ll be relieved to hear that this model also comes in a 1.8 GPM version. It’s a great head that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • There are three spray patterns.
  • Inner WaterGuide SmartControl Knob
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • None

27474001 Hansgrohe

This rain showerhead from Hansgrohe is on the more expensive side of showerheads, but consumers agree it is well worth the money. The showerhead is suspended from the ceiling, so the water it emits falls straight down, just like a rain shower.

The showerhead has a 9.4-inch diameter, which is modest for rain showerheads but still gives enough water coverage. In addition, this showerhead has the advantage of being able to swivel up to 26 degrees in any direction.

The 2.5-gallons-per-minute flow rate and the incorporated AirPower self-pressurization technology in the showerhead deliver plenty of water power. The nozzles provide an intense, immersive experience that people looking for a rain shower would appreciate.

Furthermore, the nozzles are composed of silicone, which allows them to be readily brushed and cleaned in the event of mineral buildup from hard water.

The showerhead is made completely of brass and finished in brushed nickel, making it incredibly robust and fashionable. However, it only comes with a one-year warranty, so you’ll have to rely on the sturdy build to protect your investment.


  • A ceiling-mounted showerhead replicates the experience of a rain shower.
  • Excellent water pressure for a completely immersive experience
  • Nozzles are simple to clean. Long-lasting metal construction


  • Extremely costly
  • There is only a one-year warranty.

WarmSpray D10301 Rainfall Shower Head

The WarmSpray D10301 is another aesthetically pleasing option that’s affordable, functional, and incredibly beautiful. The showerhead houses 9 inches of pouring area for that whole body coverage. It also has a self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance.

To install, you only need to take your old shower head off and screw this one on. It is said to be compatible with all standardized shower arms. However, some users have reported needing to call in a plumber to help install.

It has ABS plastic built so it won’t rust for a long time. Since it’s made of plastic, it will prevent the buildup of calcium, but you might have to look out for any cracks once in a while. 

One downside is that its water pressure may not be good enough for you, especially if you’re used to high water pressure showers. 


  • Prevents calcium buildup
  • Whole body pouring coverage
  • Self-cleaning


  • Water pressure concerns

SR SUN RISE Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head

On the more premium side is this one from SR Sun Rise. This comes as a whole shower system with a shower head that’s square and rigid. However, it has a modern design and tops the others in functionality. 

The shower head measures 12 inches on all four sides, so the coverage is top-notch. Additionally, it comes with a separate handheld shower head for that added water source. However, installation is challenging, and you will probably need a professional to help you. 

This variant comes in three finishes. The build is impressively done since it’s durable, corrosion-free, and with a lifetime warranty plus a free replacement within five years. That’s pretty generous!

While it may not be the easiest in the pocket, we’d say that you get what you pay for. So this one is one of our best bets for shower systems around this price. 


  • Massive 12 inches of coverage
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Comes with a handheld shower head


  • Costly installation
  • Some comes with faulty valves that will leave users with no temperature control.

AquaSpa 1213 Square Rain Shower Head

This shower head from AquaSpa is a more affordable version of our previous entry. Like the one from SR Sun Rise, this is square with 9 inches in area. While installing it yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional to ensure installation accuracy. But if you decide not to use the shower arm and attach the shower head, you won’t need someone to help you.

It also comes with a joint to easily adjust the shower head. It has a chrome finish with 105 water jets. While installing the shower head only won’t need you to call any professional help, think twice if you include the shower arm too. 


  • It comes with an adjustable shower arm
  • Easy to install a shower head
  • 105 jets provide large coverage


  • Hard to install shower arm
  • Durability issues
  • Not great with low water pressure

Shower System EMBATHER

Finding a shower that combines aesthetic appeal and high performance is rare. With its air injection technology that ensures you get the downpour experience to calm and cleanse you, the EMBATHER Shower System will establish the proper mood every morning.

Air injection technology also saves up to 30% of water by combining air and water to create a low pressure. This makes a significant impact on your water expenses.

The showerhead is sold as part of a set that includes a 71-inch hose, a 1-foot fixed showerhead, a hand showerhead, and a control valve. You wouldn’t need to buy anything more.

The brass and stainless steel design ensure long-lasting durability. It will also improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, making it appear more luxurious, and will complement any style of décor.

Furthermore, because of the shower’s quiet operation, you can converse or listen to music while running.


  • Finally, this exquisite showerhead assembly is unrivaled in terms of the value
  • lifetime warranty.
  • All of its components are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Most notably, it integrates technology that provides the best showering experience while conserving water.


  • Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the kit’s rubber quality.
  • You may also require the assistance of a professional to install the shower head correctly.

DreamSpa 1684 Rainfall Shower Head

This one from DreamSpa is another sleep shower head with a handheld one that’s quite bulky. The main shower head holds a huge coverage. You can also control the water pressure by choosing from three settings: firm to gentle. 

Since the build of the shower head is chrome, you should ensure maintenance to avoid rust formation. Unfortunately, this shower head does not have a self-cleaning feature but has Rub-clean jets for easier cleaning.

This is easy to install. A simple twist is all you need. The handheld shower head is attached to the main one, so it doesn’t need any other hardware. However, some say it looks quite cheap due to its plastic build.


  • Three water pressure settings
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a handheld shower head


  • Looks cheap

AquaFan Dream Spa

A breathtaking spectacle! Dream’s AquaFan showerhead features a complete LED display that simulates showering in a color-changing universe. Thanks to the curved fan design, the sensation is more intimate and focused on you. It also contains a little LCD temperature display to see how hot your shower is. Not to add that this lovely showerhead features 123 easy-to-clean, snag-free jets.

With the addition of this fantastic showerhead, you can transform your average bathroom into a spa. It has a lot of power. Soak yourself in shoulder-to-shoulder downpour. Adjust the angle to your preference. And it installs without the use of any tools.

Replace your old showerhead with this gorgeous 12-inch curved fan rainfall showerhead, using plumber’s tape as needed. There are no tools, no extraneous parts, and no professionals are required. Perfect! You might also be interested in some of the greatest shower squeegees, so look into these.


  • a lot of enjoyment
  • The most technologically advanced of the lot
  • Easy to use
  • No expert installation required


  • The LCD panel may not function properly.
  • LED bulbs will eventually need to be replaced.
  • The form is a little awkward. The fun
  • takes precedence over function.
  • If it leaks excessively, you may require the services of a plumber.

KES J203S8-BK Rain Shower Head

Now, if you’re all for a smaller shower head, this is our smallest on this list. It has an 8-inch diameter in an all-metal build, allowing it to have that modern and sleek aesthetics. Well, except for the silicone nozzles, which are great for cleaning since they ensure that mineral deposits are easily removed.

This product fits on standard seized shower arms and has a filter for water pressure regulation. But if your water pressure is low, you won’t need it. It also comes with a ball joint for direction control.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Ball joint swivel


  • May leak

Delta Faucet RP52382 Touch-Clean Shower Head

Delta Faucet describes this product as “intensely powerful,” but is this true? It’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and easy to clean. But what about the water pressure? Well, it depends. If your home has good water pressure, this will help increase it even more. But if not, this may not give you the pressure you desire. However, this comes with a huge downside. It has been reported that this shower head splits in half after some time.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Great water pressure if your pressure is already good


  • Can’t fix bad residential water pressure
  • May split in half

Rain Shower Head with Extending Arm by NearMoon

NearMoon’s offering, which ranks sixth, could not be simpler to set up. It only takes a few minutes. Simply attach the rainfall showerhead to the 15-inch Teflon shower arm. If you aren’t that certain. Please do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional. Everything you need to get started is included in the package. The 12-inch showerhead has 144 nozzles and is set to maximum flow when held overhead. A swivel ball connector allows you to modify the height and preference.

This NearMoon showerhead is a luxury that provides a tranquil shower while massaging you with an amazing deluge. Exactly like a spa. The showerhead is composed of high-quality stainless steel with a mirror-like chrome finish, and it is not only fashionable but also rust-resistant and long-lasting. A posh shower for a posh bathroom!

The package includes an extension arm. Adjust it to your liking and enjoy a fantastic rain shower. With a height of 15 inches, this avoids the problem of being too small and is a perfect choice for those who are rather tall. Replace the soft dripping of your typical shower routine with an exhilarating shower experience to start your day. You might also be interested in some of our top bidets. Examine them out.


  • Nice and tall
  • Excellent for tall folks.
  • Rust-resisting power
  • It feels fantastic.


  • If you’re short, it’s not ideal for cleaning.
  • The swivel ball connector is broken.
  • Mount may fall if not correctly attached. Leaking will be an issue

Ceiling Shower Head GROHE Rainshower F-Series 10″

When Size Is Everything and Price Isn’t…

While most of the shower heads on our list have a similar design, a handful stands apart. GROHE’s F-Series shower head achieves this by mounting flush with your ceiling yet being designed to function with any normal waterline.

The term that comes to mind when looking at the GROHE F-Series head is discrete. This sleek 20-inch shower head is only 12″ deep but has 240 nozzles driven by DreamSpray technology. It has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 PSI and provides uniform distribution. There is only one spray pattern, and because it is “fixed,” you should plan your placement carefully.

Another advantage of this system is the StarLight finish from the manufacturer. This preserves the shower head’s surface scratch-free and prevents tarnish from forming. It also incorporates a SpeedClean anti-lime technology, so you won’t have to worry about the nozzles. You can clean it with a rag or your finger. It is not easy to install, but it is simple to clean and provides the most realistic rain experience, in our opinion.

The GROHE Rainshower F-Series 20-inch shower head is not for everyone because it requires professional installation unless you are knowledgeable in plumbing and can manage some sheetrock construction. It’s also somewhat pricey, but it’s well worth considering the F-Series’ quality and design. This head comes in StarLight Chrome and has a limited lifetime warranty. There is also a 10-inch model that is less expensive.


  • 20-inch flush mount
  • 240 nozzle head
  • Capacity of 250 GPM
  • Complaint against CALGreen


  • Installation
  • It is costly

Last words

Having a great shower experience after a long day can wash away the day’s stress. We believe that investing in a rain shower head is a great idea. You can choose from this list for an easier shopping experience. To cap this off, you may want to opt for the top two: the ones from SparkPod and WarmSpray. Good luck!

What is the purpose of getting a rain shower head?

A rain shower head provides maximum water coverage with a smooth, delicate pattern designed to mimic summer rain. In addition, a rain shower head’s consistent pattern is guaranteed to wash away any stress you bring into the shower with you.

Why are rainshower heads better than traditional heads?

Rainshower heads offer the soothing sensation of summer rain into the home. GROHE Rainshowers provide comprehensive water coverage and several spray settings to let you unwind after a hard day or energize yourself in the morning. For a delightful shower experience, GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures effective water distribution.

The benefits of a rainfall shower head

You will be given a mild, soothing shower

Raindrops versus powerful water jets? We already know which one we favor. So every morning, shower in luxury and ease, your very personal raincloud at the temperature you like.

Excellent sense of style and flair

Rain shower heads look fantastic! They’re large and distinctive in appearance. A high-quality rain shower head will transform your bathroom and shower into million-dollar settings. Make your bathroom and shower look like a 5-star hotel room.

More coverage in your shower

Have you ever felt like you had to run around in the shower just to get wet? Of course, you’ll always get an ordinary shower, which is not terrific if your shower head is scarce and uneven. But, on the other hand, you’ll always be covered and have a terrific shower with a huge and even rain shower head.

You now have more options.

More modern rain shower heads offer a variety of spray patterns to choose from. More options allow you to select the shower spray best suits you and your mood. Do you want to take a long, steamy shower? Select the soaking rain. Do you want a lengthy, meandering, stress-relieving shower?

Choose the water-saving trickle, and you’ll never feel bad about using too much water again. Muscle pain and stiffness? Choose the pounding rain massage to wash away your aches and pains.

What to look for when purchasing a rain shower head


Rain shower heads are available in various sizes and forms (round, square, and rectangular). When determining which shower head is best for you, think about how much coverage you want—the larger the shower head, the more coverage you’ll get.

Alternatively, the more focused the coverage, the smaller the shower head. For example, choose a rain shower head closer to 10 or 12 inches in length if you want it to cover more of your body. On the other hand, if you have limited space or prefer a smaller stream, an 8-inch head would suffice.

Installation on a Wall or Ceiling

Normally, customers must choose between wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted rain shower heads. GROHE offers arm extensions for wall-mounted showers, so you may always have the impression of rain pouring overhead without having to replace your current plumbing system.

Most rain shower heads are slightly higher than regular showerheads, at 80 to 84 inches from the shower floor. Therefore, the rain shower head should be installed approximately 84 inches from the shower floor to accommodate taller users.


The gentle spray of actual rain is part of the attractiveness of a rain shower head, but in some situations, that is the only function of the shower head. If you want a rain shower head with multiple spray patterns or adjustable pressure, you’ll have to research to discover one that matches your requirements. The same can be said for optional features such as a portable arm or wand and LED lights.


It is not always necessary to purchase a significant brand to obtain an excellent product and vice versa. Take some time to read the user reviews from other Amazon customers who have purchased the same product, and you will be able to choose the correct shower head for your bathroom.

Shower arm compatibility

Is the model intended to be wall or ceiling mounted? Will this work with your existing shower arm? You can tell by looking at the product information and photographs. If in doubt, consider purchasing a new shower arm compatible with your new shower head.

Spray layout and settings

Some rain shower heads provide several spray settings and more complex spray designs. A basic design with a single setting should suffice if you all want a pleasant, simple rain shower. However, choose a head with multiple spray settings if you want to be able to adjust between rainfall, forceful massage, drenching, and mist settings.

Water Pressure and Flow Rate

Flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM), is not synonymous with water pressure but rather the amount of water used by a showerhead. Most shower heads have a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, but if you want to save money on your water bill, seek a showerhead with a flow rate of 2 GPM or less! Some states, such as New York and Colorado, demand a flow rate of 2.0 GPM or less, whereas California has a lower limit of 1.8 GPM.

On the other hand, showerheads with lesser flow rates can have higher water pressure. Remember that if your shower already has low water pressure, a rain shower head may not be the ideal solution for you.

Because a larger showerhead distributes the same amount of water across a larger surface area, you may experience less pressure. If this is the case for you, we propose a few two-in-one showerheads that allow you to adjust between spray settings—the ideal compromise if you live with folks with different preferences.

Finishing touches

Match your new shower head to the rest of your bathroom’s fixtures and fittings. For example, if your shower has chrome taps and fixtures, go for a chrome finish for your new shower head. That said, your shower head can become a focal point in your bathroom, so don’t be scared to be daring and make your shower spectacular!

Different types of shower heads

There are various shower heads to pick from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. When searching for a new shower head, it’s critical to consider these criteria.

  • Fixed: These versions are directly attached to the shower arm — the existing water pipe coming out of your shower wall — and typically contain a ball joint that allows you to swivel and change the angle of their spray. These can range from basic devices with only one spray choice to multi-functional models with various functions and settings.
  • Handheld shower heads sit in a cradle and can be used as a fixed shower head if desired, but they also include a long, flexible hose that allows them to be used as a handheld unit. These are excellent for washing off body wash or shaving cream, bathing your pets, or cleaning the shower.
  • Dual shower heads: These are a combination of fixed and handheld types, and they often use a cradle incorporated into the face of a fixed shower head. This allows you to simultaneously utilize the fixed shower head and the handheld wand, albeit it diverts water and may result in diminished pressure.
  • Ceiling Suspension: This is a fixed shower head attached to the ceiling or on the shower unit’s top arm. These aren’t movable, but they have various functions and water pressure settings to suit your showering preferences.
  • Rainfall: A rainfall shower head is typically located on the ceiling; however, it has a significantly larger surface area than a regular ceiling-mounted shower head and offers water spray that mimics rainfall rather than harsh pressured jets. If you want a more luxurious shower, a rainfall shower head is a way to go!

Mounts of various types

  • Wall-mounted shower heads: Because most homes and apartments have wall-mounted shower arms, I confined my testing to goods compatible with those fittings. These are, of course, classic shower heads that are affixed to a wall.
  • Ceiling-mounted shower heads: It allows for larger, rain-style shower heads, but since they’re so high up, they’re usually inaccessible enough to have different stream settings.


Will they be simple to set up?

You’ll be relieved to learn that rainfall shower heads are simple to install if you already have a ceiling-mounted shower head; simply remove one and replace it.

However, if you currently have a single or dual spray shower head, you will need an extension component to properly fit your rainfall shower head. In addition, when showering, your rainfall shower head should be above your head, so keep this in mind when purchasing an extension kit.

How far above my head should a rain shower head be?

When installing a shower head, always ensure enough clearance for the tallest person in the home to shower comfortably – as a guideline, there should be at least 3 inches between the head and the tallest user’s head.

How do you add a rain showerhead to a shower that already has one?

Every shower head comes with instructions on how to use it; however, there is a common pattern. Simply remove your showerhead and replace it with the rainfall shower, as directed. Make sure you have plenty of plumber’s tape on hand!

What is the best way to clean a rain showerhead?

Wrap a distilled white vinegar-filled plastic bag around the showerhead, secure it with a rubber band, and leave for two to three hours. Remove the item, then wipe it clean with a firm cloth. Some showerheads do not require scrubbing, and this is one of the chemical-free methods for doing so.

Is the pressure in rain shower heads adequate?

Yes. As long as you verify the flow rate, most rain shower heads deliver tremendous pressure. Choose models with a 2.5 GPM flow rate for maximum pressure, as this is the maximum allowed in the United States.

Is it possible to boost water pressure with a shower head?

Yes. Water pressure can be increased by using high-pressure shower heads.

What is an appropriate psi for a shower head?

The standard psi in the United States is between 45 and 55 pounds per square inch.

Is it true that rain shower heads use a lot of water?

It depends; each model has advantages and disadvantages. Yes, if you’re using a 2.5 GPM model. In that instance, you’re using the maximum amount of water that the United States will allow for a normal shower head.

How much money does a water-saving shower head save?

A family of four might save up to 2,300 gallons of water per year by reducing shower time by 2 to 3 minutes and utilizing a shower head with a flow rate of 2.5.

In contrast, if you purchase a model with a 1.8 GPM flow rate, you will save water compared to most households.


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