Hint Water Review: Should You Be Drinking This?

by Jay | Posted on June 11th, 2022

Here’s my Hint water review as it gains popularity and appears to be the drink of choice in Silicon Valley.

Kara Goldin created hint water in 2004. Its selling point is that it is sugar-free, entirely natural, and promises to be highly pure and sweet-tasting due to adding fruit flavors.

hint water

Other natural water businesses that compete with Hint water include MiO from Kraft Foods, fruit water, and Glacéau’s Vitaminwater.

Despite the fruit flavors, the Hint water label states that it contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, trace minerals, calories, or sugar.

Furthermore, Hint water promises to be gluten-free and vegan! Simply put, Hint water contains solely natural fruit oils and essences.

This results from various combinations of cooling, heating, filtering, and dissolving.

Do you enjoy the bubbly soda kick?

Hint Sparkling (formerly Hint Fizz) is a variation of Hint water similar to Hint but with more fizz.

That’s why Hint water is so well-liked. It’s a sugar-free, calorie-free, preservative-free, healthy alternative to soda. The goal is to get a sweet-tasting drink to stay hydrated without worrying about extra calories.

If all of these claims are true, it could be the solution for you if you are diabetic, pregnant, or have a gastrointestinal ailment. Perhaps you dislike the taste of natural water but recognize the need for hydration for your health.

This Hint drink review will evaluate whether these promises are true and whether it is worthwhile to purchase.

How does hint water taste?

You will be disappointed if you expect typical flavored water brimming with sweetness.

It’s just water with a smidgeon of fruit. The flavor is relatively mild, almost like an aftertaste. The idea behind this product, on the other hand, is that it has a zero-calorie profile while not tasting as monotonous as ordinary water.

This is something I can confirm. It worked for me, and many consumer reviews online confirm this. Almost everyone who isn’t expecting excessively sweetened water enjoys it (myself included).

The Hint Sparkling / Fizz version is the best-tasting Hint of water. Of course, nothing beats a little fizz to bring out the subtle fruit aromas. But, of course, everybody has their taste.

So, get some for yourself and see if the flavor appeals to you. They all taste unique, and you will undoubtedly prefer some flavors over others.

Does hint water have stevia?

No, there is no Stevia in Hint Water. The following is a typical Hint fizz ingredient list: 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners, 0 GMOs, 0 preservatives, and 0 stevia.

Does hint water have caffeine?

The caffeine in Hint Water is found in the Tip Caffeine Kick varieties of Hint Water. Despite the caffeine content, this Hint is unsweetened and features fruit flavors. Kick contains 60 mg of caffeine in each bottle and tastes identical to the other flavors.

Is Hint Water good for you?

Hint Water claims to use only all-natural fruit extracts to flavor its drinks. But, in layman’s terms, what does this mean?

To begin, Hint describes fruit extract as the essence of the fruit that is extracted through steam or alcohol extraction procedures. This extracts the flavor while separating the pulp and sugar. Fruit extracts differ from fruit concentrates in that the latter entails eliminating most water content to increase the sweetness.

The name Natural Flavors is a bit of a misnomer. Many things are natural, yet they may not suit each individual. Wheat, for example, may provide a natural flavor, but it is harmful to persons with celiac disease, wheat allergy, or wheat sensitivity.

By utilizing natural flavor on a food label, the producer may vary the actual ingredients from batch to batch.”

This could imply that someone with severe allergies could respond to one batch of Hint water after experiencing no problems, and the label would not disclose any changes between them.

To add to the company’s concern, the described flavor of the beverage isn’t necessarily indicative of what’s within. For example, the pomegranate taste comprises both pomegranate and citrus essence, yet both will be labeled as “natural flavor.”

Aside from these allergy-related concerns, flavored water beverages like Hint make sense from a health aspect, particularly for those who have difficulty drinking ordinary water and would otherwise be sipping sodas or fruit juices.

Is Hint Water harmful to your teeth?

The taste, not the carbonation, lowers the pH (increases acidity) to the point where prolonged consumption may destroy dental enamel.

Laboratory tests have revealed that (unflavored) waters, whether still or bubbling, have little erosive properties and pose no risk to tooth enamel.

Drinking flavored sparkling water, according to dentists, can make your teeth more prone to cavities.

The acidity of the beverages is increased by the bubbles and flavoring, which erodes the enamel of your teeth.

Sparkling beverages, on the other hand, are less acidic than sodas and should be consumed in moderation.

Product Line of Hint Water

Hint has four distinct product lines, which are as follows:

Hint Still

Hint Still, Hint’s initial product is a carbonation-free beverage flavored with fruit extracts.

Watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, strawberry-kiwi, cherry, lemon, peach, mango, crisp apple, raspberry, mango-grapefruit, pear, pomegranate, blood orange, peppermint, and clementine are some of the flavor options.

Price: $19.99–$20.99 for twelve 16-oz bottles (with subscription, $15.99–$16.99).

Hint Sparkling

Carbonation is used in these beverages to give them a characteristic frothy flavor. They, like the original option, are exclusively flavored with fruit extracts.

Watermelon, blackberry, peach, and cherry flavors are available.

Price: $19.99–$20.99 for twelve 16-oz bottles (with subscription, $15.99–$16.99).

Hint Kick

Without any chemical preservatives or additional sweeteners, each 16-oz beverage has 60mg of caffeine (equal to a 20-oz Pepsi or a half cup of coffee).

Raspberry, apple pear, and other flavors are available.

Price: $19.99–$20.99 for twelve 16-oz bottles (with subscription, $15.99–$16.99).

Hint Kids

These kid-friendly varieties come in 6.75-oz juice cartons and are made entirely of fruit extracts.

Flavors include blackberry, apple, cherry, and watermelon.

Price: $19.99 for 32 6.75-oz cartons ($15.99 if you have a subscription).

Hint water ingredients

The following are the standard Hint water ingredients:

  • Purified water
  • Natural flavors

The HINT Tip Caffeine Kick range contains slightly different ingredients. The main distinction is the addition of caffeine:

  • 60 mg of caffeine
  • Natural flavors
  • Purified water

This means that HINT water contains:

  • 0 sweeteners
  • 0 artificial flavors
  • 0 calories

Why does Hint pasteurize their water?

The Hint water website’s FAQ section reveals that Hint is created using several reverse osmosis processes. This could include deionization and UV light therapy.

This water filtration occurs before the addition of flavoring.

However, the final and sometimes shocking stage that Hint water undergoes is pasteurization.

The method of killing germs is referred to as pasteurization. As a result, it is acceptable to conclude that Hint pasteurizes to maintain quality.

Pasteurization ensures that the water is free of microbes and lasts longer.

Pasteurization, in its most basic form, is heating a liquid to a temperature high enough to eliminate any pathogenic organism contained therein by exposure, rendering it drinkable.

Although you’ve probably heard about pasteurization in dairy products, most mineral water manufacturers pasteurize their products for safety reasons. It should be noted, however, that pasteurizing water also destroys many of the “good” organisms found in water. As a result, you may lose some of its benefits.

How is hint water produced?

Hint Water is a combination of water and natural fruit flavors. Their main selling feature is that they do not use artificial ingredients in their water.


  • There are no calories, artificial flavors, or sweeteners in this product.
  • With a subscription order, you can save 20%.
  • There are carbonated and caffeinated variants available.
  • The flavors are totally natural
  • Fast delivery
  • Mouth-watering flavors.
  • A-qualification after the BBB


  • Customers have diverse feelings about flavor.
  • pricier than competing brands
  • It is possible that bottles will be difficult to reseal.
  • The label “natural flavors” does not reveal what is actually within.
  • Shipping fee

What’s inside the box?

You’ll undoubtedly agree that making your Hint Water at home is inconvenient. And even if you had the time to experiment with numerous flavors and fragrances, there’s a chance you wouldn’t obtain the distinct flavor that only Hint Water can provide.

That is why the company discovered a way to make your wish come true – by delivering the things directly to your door, entirely on your terms. As a result, hint boxes are one of the best monthly subscription boxes on the market since they are designed to meet the needs and desires of everyone.

Even after you’ve subscribed, you can change the contents of the box, the delivery frequency, or even your mailing address. The company has made purchasing so simple that you will have a great time selecting your favorite flavor and getting a case of this naturally flavored water.

The most delicious Hint Water is intended to provide a rich berry flavor without the need for added sugar or sweetener. How is this even possible? Infusing the fruit flavor into the filtered water requires no additional sweeteners or sugar to enhance the flavor. So, is stevia present in Hint Water? No, it does not. It is entirely sugar-free and free of artificial sweeteners.

If that isn’t enough, and you’re curious about the other natural flavors in Hint Water, you can choose from Hint original, Hint Fizz, and Hint Kick, all of which are offspring of the original Hint Water line.

When you place your order, you can select between cases of three or six bottles in whatever flavor you want. You can also adjust your choices with each new order or select from a selection of packs and hand-picked boxes.

Plans for Subscription

This Hint Water review discussed the primary Hint Water categories: original, fizz, and kick. However, we will now take a closer look at what they offer on the menu. Hint Water Original is the ideal combination of fruit flavors. Pear, watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple (a limited-edition taste), and even cucumber are among the available flavors.

Then there’s Hint Fizz, sparkling water with delectable fruit that tastes like cherry, strawberry, kiwi, grapefruit, peach, and watermelon, to give you that extra refreshment.

Finally, Hint Kick is delightful flavored water with caffeine to help you get that morning energy boost. The flavors are a little spicier than the other two varieties of water, and you may choose between apple and pear, black raspberry, and lemon and cayenne.

One of the best things about Hint subscription boxes is that you can select and control the delivery frequency. You can select from bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly options. The boxes are also available in a variety of sizes. You can get one size, but you can also save money by ordering three, six, or twelve cases. Orders of at least three cases qualify for free delivery.

On the other hand, office boxes are designed to be a vital addition to a workplace that values its employees’ health and healthy food. Ten 12-bottle cases of Hint Water Original are included in the office package. You can either place a one-time order or sign up for a recurring subscription at a discount.

Aside from the office boxes, a gift box subscription with the well-known Hint Water label is also available. Gift boxes come with one or three cases, made available after redeeming the gift code on the website. You can also provide a coupon that can be used to make purchases in any case of your choosing. Gift certificates can also be used to make full-price and partial-price purchases on the Hint Water website.


Many customers are intrigued by the fact that some Hint Water sellers offer lower costs than the brand. However, according to their website, it is up to businesses to decide whether to offer specific discounts, promotions, and other incentives to customers. Another reason Hint cannot provide lower rates on their items is due to transportation and delivery costs.

The home subscription is the greatest option for buyers who want a regular monthly supply of pleasant, soft beverages that will replace their demand for fizzy drinks. Subscriptions are available in single-bottle or pack sizes. Orders can be personalized in either case by selecting the flavors you want and altering them with each subsequent shipment.

A single case of 12 bottles of Hint Water costs $16. However, you can get a significant discount if you subscribe to receive a bundle for a set amount of time. For example, for a Heck Yeah or a Variety Pack, you’ll save 14 percent and pay $18 for the whole box (rather than $21 for a one-time order).

The Mega Pack subscription is ideal for people who want to receive a case of fresh and flavorful Hint Water each month. However, as indicated in other Hint Water reviews, you will most likely want it to be a recurrent automatic delivery, which costs $48 and is available as a one-time order or a monthly subscription.

Business owners who wish to enhance their employees’ daily routines or make a breakthrough in adopting a healthy lifestyle inside the workplace might opt for office membership. The office box comprises ten cases of various Hint Water flavors and is available as a one-time order for $164 or as a monthly subscription for $150.

Please remember that office packs are not eligible for typical Hint Water discounts, such as the occasionally available Hint Water coupon code. They are, however, always delivered free of charge. Gift boxes, on the other hand, come in two varieties. A single-case gift card will set you back $25, while a three-case gift box will set you back $66.

Alternatives to hint water

Fruit drenched in water isn’t a new concept. This indicates that dozens of products are comparable to Hint Water.

Okay, some of these contain artificial sweeteners or sugar in their formulations, but the idea is that you have choices.

If you wish to save money while customizing your flavor profile, you may make your fruit infusion water at home for a fraction of the price of Hint Water. You may even use sparkling water to make your Hint Fizz.

When preparing it yourself home, be cautious with the fruits you choose. Using a lot of grapefruit, for example, is not only bitter but can also cause diarrhea.

Hint sunscreen

Hint has just released a spray-on sunscreen line of products. They are a water-resistant SPF 30 mist spray with a fruit smell.

The SPF of the Hint sunscreen is among the highest, at 30.

This sunscreen is as natural as possible, as you would expect from Hint.

It has no parabens or oxybenzone and is available in three scents: grapefruit, pear, and pineapple.

You can save money and receive a variety of aromas by purchasing a multipack of Hint sunscreens. In this manner, you can test out several scents at once and choose which one is the best.

Make your hint water.

It’s easy to create a knockoff hint of water. All you have to do is cut up some fruit, throw it into the water, and leave it in the fridge for some hours to infuse.

You can base it on hint water recipes or attempt your fruit combination, such as:

  • First, add some handmade fresh citrus slices to the water.
  • Next, cut up some herbs, mash some berries, and mix them into fresh watermelon water.
  • Next, thinly slice the oranges and cucumbers and add them to the water.
  • Finally, mix some pickle juice with ginger and lemon water to make your electrolyte replacement drink.

Six ways to make your hint water

  1. The first option is to combine fresh citrus juice with purified filtered water.
  2. Add fresh herbs to your water to make it more flavorful.
  3. Consider using only freshly chopped cucumbers for a little sense of flavor.
  4. You can add freshly sliced ginger to your water to make it more interesting. Ginger is well-known for its ability to calm the stomach.
  5. Instead of using a cucumber slice, use cucumber juice. This transforms it into your very own electrolyte replacement drink.
  6. Do you want a little sweetness? Then try mixing in some crushed pomegranate seeds or strawberries.

Top 5 reasons to drink hint water

There are no artificial ingredients (take note of the nutritional information for the water) – everything is natural. 0 sugars, 0 stevias, 0 sweeteners, 0 calories, 0 preservatives, and 0 genetically modified organisms. Gluten-free and vegan. Natural fruit oils and essences combined with pure H2O enhance the flavor of the track water and the essence of Hint Water Fizz.


You, the customer, can buy directly at Hint, which most beverage companies do not offer. Not only that, but tip water may be delivered directly to your door—no more fuss with the occasional difficulty of carrying water tanks to the store. Hint Water also provides a monthly delivery service, so you don’t have to worry about placing your order monthly. With auto-shipment, you get a fresh flavor of Hint Water sent to your door every month.


Did you know that 76 million Americans consume 72 million diet sodas each year? So consider this: 76 percent of diet soda drinkers would reduce their diet soda usage. But they run into a major stumbling block: they can detect the flavor of the water. Hint Water’s blend of clean water and natural additives gives this audience much hope.


In addition to a superb taste, Hint Water (as previously indicated) comes in various flavors. Water stimulation of blackberries, pineapple, peaches, raspberries, watermelons, pears, and other fruits and vegetables. Hint Water Fizz also contains natural caffeine for people who need a little boost in the morning or just a midday drink.


Although a human can survive for around 21 days without eating, not drinking water at that time would result in death. Water is necessary for metabolism, toxin elimination, headache relief, digestion, immune system support, muscle spasm prevention, and overall energy improvement.

Hint water lawsuit?

The case against Hint Water is predicated on the use and description of Propylene Glycol as an “all-natural ingredient.” However, the FDA considers Propylene Glycol (PG) a synthetic chemical. As a result, Hint’s “all-natural” claim that using Hint water propylene glycol is the subject of a class-action lawsuit against Hint Inc. The case is still active at the time of writing.

Hint water review – Is it worth the money?

If you don’t like plain water, like variety, want a calorie-free option, and want to stay healthy, Hint water may be for you. With natural ingredients, a good taste, and a pleasant flavor, Hint Water has been a popular choice for many other consumers, like me, who want to increase their daily water intake.

Folks like us want to drink lots of water without ” suffering” from what some consider the bland taste of natural water. It is also suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding folks seeking a sugar-free option.

Whether you have gastrointestinal issues, are diabetic, or wish to quit drinking soda. Hint water could be the answer you’re looking for.


Jay is a health and wellness enthusiast with expertise in water quality and nutrition. As a knowledgeable advocate for holistic well-being, Jay successfully manages Type 2 Diabetes through informed lifestyle choices. Committed to sharing reliable and authoritative insights, Jay combines firsthand experience with a passion for enhancing health."