How Long To Soak Brita Water Filter?

by Jay | Posted on March 9th, 2023

Brita water filters are an effective and efficient way to ensure your water is clean and safe.

Soaking a Brita filter is an important step before using it. It should be done for five minutes before use. It is beneficial to soak the filter when replacing it to ensure the carbon is saturated. 

Brita Water Filter

Flushing a new filter

Flushing a new water filter is important to ensure that any loose carbon particles or other contaminants that may have accumulated during the manufacturing and shipping process are removed from the filter.

Before flushing a new water filter, it’s important to prepare it properly. Most new water filters will need to be soaked or prepped before flushing to ensure they are ready for use. Here are some steps to flushing a new filter.

Prepare a container of cold tap water

Make sure that the container is large enough to submerge the filter fully. Submerge the filter in the water, ensuring it is fully covered. Let it soak for the time the manufacturer recommends, usually around 15 minutes.

Remove it from the container

After the filter has soaked, remove it from the container and discard the water. Rinse the filter under cold running water for 10 to 15 seconds. Then, install the filter in your pitcher or dispenser according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Inserting the filter into filter cage

Once the Brita filter has been flushed and soaked, it is time to insert it into the filter cage. Carefully insert the filter with the blue ring facing up. Make sure the filter is firmly pressed until it clicks into place. 

It is important to ensure the filter is securely in place to prevent water leakage. Once securely inserted, the filter can be used with a Brita pitcher or sink attachment. 

Shelf life of the unused filter

The shelf life of an unused Brita® filter is indefinite as long as its pouch is intact and sealed. This means you can store the filter for long periods without worrying about it expiring.

However, if you’ve had them for months or years without opening them, you might want to pre-soak them for 15 minutes before using them. This will help ensure the filter is still effective and can provide optimal performance when inserted into a filter cage. 

Regular maintenance and care of your filter are important to get the most out of your Brita water filtration system.

Pre-soaking older standard filters

Pre-soaking an older Standard Brita filter is recommended to ensure it is completely saturated with carbon before its first use. This will help maximize the filter’s effectiveness and ensure that the water you drink is as clean and pure as possible. 

To soak an older Standard filter, fill a container with cool water and submerge the filter for 15 minutes. After the soaking period is complete, flush the filter under running water for five minutes before inserting it into the filter cage and using it in your Brita pitcher. Regularly replacing your Brita filter will also help ensure you get the best filtration possible.


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