Nuvo H20 Manor Salt-Free Water Softener System Review

by Jay | Updated on October 22nd, 2022

Salt-free water softeners are rising stars in the water softener market. As the name suggests, it does not come with salt. Thus, you are sure that your water is without high salt levels. This is perfect for preventing any mineral build-up in your plumbing pipes caused by hard water.

nuvoH2O Manor Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System

Water softeners are filed under home necessities because it provides us with rather safer water to drink and a cleaner environment to live in. For its health benefits, I believe that using water softeners outweighs all its cons if there are any.

Nuvo H20 Manor Salt-Free Water Softener System

These devices may come at a higher price than you would spend with water softeners but perform the job more efficiently. Additionally, the majority of these machines come in long-term warranty deals.

The Nuvo H20 Manor’s salt-free water softener system has mixed reviews. Some are great, and some may be quite terrible. So before splurging on one, read on to know if it’s for you or not.

Positive features

  • Salt-free
  • No additives
  • Easy to install
  • Small and slim
  • Ease of use
  • Retains natural minerals in ideal amounts
  • Comes with a generous warranty
  • Money back guarantee

Negative Features

  • Filter cartridge replacement 1-2 times a year
  • Some customers with extremely hard water say that it does not work enough
  • Not suitable if you have a water hardness of 10 GPG
  • Not suitable for well water

Product specifications

  • Utilizes nanotechnology in its salt-free water softener system
  • Built-in bypass valve and pressure release valve
  • Best for homes that measure 2100 square feet and above
  • Need to change the filter periodically
  • Can accommodate 60,000 gallons before the need to change the filter
  • Compact
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty

What we love about Nuvo H20

  1. Breaks down scums and prevents the build-up

Using citric acid to balance the water’s pH level can safely ee limescale and prevent future build-up. As it does its job, it also retains the natural minerals in levels that are beneficial to use by utilizing the chelation process.

  1. Safe drinking water

Since salt is out of the question, you can enjoy rather healthy drinking water with a bonus of great taste. However, high sodium levels are a nightmare to drink. With the water Nuvo H20 serves, we will reach for water many times!

  1. Easy to use

Running this device is a breeze with no salt, magnet, or electricity requirement. It also boasts a shut-off valve and filter that simplifies things.

  1. 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty

This is undoubtedly a great deal on its own. However, if you’re scared about investing in something that might not work, this isn’t your problem with Nuvo H20. You can purchase this water softener with no worries! How great is that?

What we don’t love about Nuvo H20

  1. Costly filter replacement

One filter has a lifespan of about 6 months for 120,000 gallons per year. So, you will need to purchase a new filter twice a year. If this is a hassle and too high of a price to pay for you, then think again!

  1. Does not work well with well water and hard water

If you use well water in your home, its sulfa and iron levels will have you buy a replacement filter every 2-3 months. This may break the bank in the long run, so make sure you know what type of water you have first.

Nuvo H20 is the best for…

  • Users who want a convenient solution 
  • Homes with limited space
  • Environment-friendly customers
  • People who want to enjoy good-tasting water

Nuvo H20 is not the best for…

  • Homes that use well water
  • Those with more than 10 GPG water hardness

Final thoughts

The Nuvo H20 water softener comes with both the good and the bad. It will be great for you if you find its features perfect for your home, and you may find it inefficient if it does not suit your household well.

We have broken down the situations where installing this device may be a disadvantage than a benefit, so we hope you already know by now. Remember, with purchases such as this; extensive research is key!

Overall, it’s a great water softener with health benefits money can’t buy. Just make sure that it fits right into your home!


How long does the Nuvo cartridge last?

Each Whole-House Cartridge should treat your water for about 6 months and the Studio cartridge for about 3 months, depending on the size of your home and your water usage.


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