What Is The Best Height For A Shower Head? Complete Guide

by Jay | Posted on July 20th, 2022

Showerhead height was not something you considered when upgrading or modernizing your bathroom. While it may not be as crucial as other elements, it is still worth considering. In this essay, I will discuss the various showerheads and the standard heights for each.

Shower head height regulations

There is no set height for shower heads. This is because we all have various tastes and designs for our homes and bathrooms.

black shower head on white ceramic wall tiles

When you don’t know the specifications for creating the height of your shower head, there are plumbing rules to follow.

However, it is critical to adopt the normal height so that your bathroom is accessible to all family members. Regardless, if you want something unique, you can play with the measurements to create something for yourself or your family.

Shower head height codes

There may be no rules when selecting the shower head height to utilize. However, many sellers will give you the shower head height codes if you’re looking for the right shower head height.

If you’re thinking about employing a normal wall-mounted shower head, choose one with a height of 80″ off the floor or 6 to 8″.

Rain shower heads require a 4-5 or 8” height. However, handheld shower heads are better equipped with a 36 to 72” hose pipe that can also be installed.

Shower head heights can also be altered, but you should consult your plumber on how to do so. Most modern designs are simple to tweak to improve and enrich the experience.

Shower head control typical heights range from 38″ to 48″ above the ground. Therefore, installation and mounting should occur in an easily visible and accessible location, whether in or out of the shower.

Standard shower head height

The average height of a shower head is 80 inches. This height, however, is primarily determined by the users’ heights.

You may have noticed that the height of the shower head in public restrooms, such as those in hotels, restaurants, and guest houses, can reach up to 96 inches.

This ensures that even the tallest persons can have a comfortable shower.

The normal shower head height has increased from 72 inches to 96 inches. However, if you are searching for a shower head for personal use, the height should be adjustable so that it is pleasant for everyone from children to the elderly to the tallest person.

In such a case, consider the height of the tallest individual in the family and keep the shower head 2 to 3 inches higher than their height.

In addition, you can utilize some specific types of shower heads, as well as other important attachments, to gain flexibility in the height of the shower.

You may follow the pattern below, which illustrates the appropriate shower head height for a specific user’s height.

User Height       Shower Head Height
5′ 7″71″

Importance of shower head height

The proper shower head height is critical for a soothing showering experience. It is in charge of determining the distance between the shower head and your body. The vertical distance between you and the shower can significantly impact your showering experience. Installing a waterproof shower speaker can also improve your shower experience.

This determines how far the water droplets must travel after exiting the shower head before hitting your body. This is responsible for the force of the water you feel while showering.

The pressure of the water on your body is determined by the distance between the shower head and your body, and it is this pressure that relaxes you. Installing a water softener will allow you to enjoy your shower even more, and your hair will thank you.

If you keep your distance from the shower head high enough, the water will have more pressure to clean off the debris and filth.

This guarantees that the soap or shampoo you’ve applied gets wiped away by the water rather than by hand.

Furthermore, keeping this water pressure allows body acupuncture, relaxation, and removing stress from your muscles.

This guarantees that the showers effectively cleanse the body and do not become burdensome, adding new obstacles to your life.

Disadvantages of having an inaccurate height

There are several drawbacks to having an incorrect shower height. First, fixing or operating the shower head at the incorrect height results in ineffective showering.

It may lead to you accomplishing everything on your own when the water is only an agent to keep your body moist.

Because of the incorrect shower head height, you must accept the low water pressure on your body. As a result, the water droplets will not strike and transfer their momentum to your body.

This is more likely to happen if there isn’t much space between the top of your head and the shower head. This can produce a confined atmosphere and result in an extremely unpleasant showering experience.

This leaves little room to extend your arms or move freely in the shower. It should also be of great concern to anyone who has claustrophobia.

Some of the issues or downsides of incorrect shower head height include ineffective body cleansing, constriction of space around you, insufficient water pressure, and poor bathroom aesthetics.

This is why, before installing or mounting shower heads in their bathrooms, people must take measures and follow the instructions.

Why are there different standard shower head heights?

As previously stated, the usual shower head height for people of average height is 80 inches. On the other hand, the height of your shower is determined by your needs and the space in your bathroom. Therefore, it should also be taller than the tallest member of your household.

If you own a high-traffic property, such as a hotel, commercial building, or guesthouse, you will need to go above 80 inches. This height is a terrific concept, especially for persons above 7 feet tall who wish to shower in the bathroom.

Regular showerheads should not be used to help tall guests feel more at ease. Rather, utilize handheld ones with long vertical bars to grasp and adjust the height. As a result, building owners will no longer have to deal with complaints about unintentional bumps in the shower.

To summarize, consider the tallest person in the building before selecting a showerhead. Before you use your computer to look for the ideal shower head height for tall people, read the following line for some unusual advice.

Different types of shower heads and the best height

Showerheads come in various styles, and each one is installed differently. The height at which you place the showerhead is vital because you want to be able to walk freely in the bathroom and avoid bumping or injuring yourself if you set it too low.

Therefore, the most important factors to consider are your height and the type of shower head you intend to install. Here are the most popular shower heads and the optimal height for each of them.

Handheld shower heads – Standard Height 72” to 78.”

Handheld showerheads are the most frequent type placed in most houses worldwide since they are convenient and allow you to modify the height of your shower with the help of the shower slide bar, which I discuss further in the rest of the article.

Because the slide bar allows the shower height to be adjusted based on each person’s demands, the normal height at which these sorts of shower heads are installed is between 72 and 78 inches.

This is advantageous for hotels and community showers since each individual or guest who uses them can properly change the showerhead’s height. The hose length of the shower head you purchase should be at least 60 inches (152cm), providing you with more versatility.

Because of the adjustable height and the leeway provided by the showerhead hose, this type of showerhead is also ideal for households with children.

Rain shower heads – Standard Height 84.”

These showerheads are called ” rain ” because they make you feel like you’re standing in the rain. The showerhead is mounted parallel to the shower floor, and the shower arm, like any other showerhead, is installed on the wall. Y

ou must calculate the height depending on the tallest member of your home or ensure that it is at least 84 inches (213cm). If the tallest individual is 83 inches (210cm), for example, you should set the showerhead a few inches above their head, so he doesn’t bump into it when showering, making the ideal height 85-87 inches (215-220cm) or higher.

Before you buy a rain shower head, be sure it’s the correct fit for you and your bathroom.

Shower head mounted on the wall – Standard Height – 80”

Wall-mounted shower heads are the easiest to install, and the height should be calculated using the tallest person in your household, but it should be at least 80 inches (203cm) from your floor or the bottom of your shower enclosure.

People occasionally install swivel ball adapters or shower arms to modify the shower height and the spray’s direction on these showerheads because they have limited spray flexibility.

You may also install a gadget that ensures you don’t waste water while waiting for it to heat up; this will enhance not only your shower experience (since you won’t have to wait as long for the hot water to reach you via the pipes) but also your electricity cost.

The equipment is a hot water recirculating pump; you should read some evaluations about it. This appliance, for example, is simple to put under your sink. You won’t have any issues with its size because it’s modest, yet it does a lot for your household.

Combined shower heads

Combined showerheads are an excellent compromise for any family because they provide the option of a wall-mounted showerhead, such as rain or s-type, and access to a handheld showerhead. You may find various combinations online that would work best for your household.

The most typical combination purchased is the rain shower head and a handheld showerhead linked to an exterior rail that carries the rain shower head. That way, you may shower with any showerhead you like and adjust the height of the handheld showerhead for shorter shower users.

Another popular combination is a wall-mounted showerhead with a handheld showerhead, which can be put separately or as part of the wall-mounted showerhead. Combined shower heads are also great for larger homes because each individual may choose whatever shower head best suits their requirements and wants.

The ideal height for your shower enclosure

When installing a new shower, use waterproof material to protect the wall above the shower pan. This enclosure should be 72 to 78 inches tall when measured from the bathroom floor. However, they can be made or purchased in sizes as large as 96 inches.

It is recommended that your shower enclosure be at least three inches higher than your shower rough-in. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “shower rough-in,” it’s the height at which your shower arm reaches out of the wall.

Ideally, your shower enclosure should not exceed the ceiling of your bathroom. However, if there is adequate airflow, you may be able to make the enclosure touch the ceiling.

Mildew and mold thrive on the walls of poorly ventilated places, especially when steam from the shower is present. So let’s take a look at common shower space sizes now.

Ideal shower space requirements

The size of your shower head determines the normal shower head height. Here is some information concerning this vital area.

The ideal shower size, according to experts, is 36 36 inches. You should be able to wash your hair without bumping your hands against the shower curtain with these proportions.

However, because many types of cubicles, enclosures, and spaces are available in varying sizes, determining the best shower size for your home necessitates some guidance.

First, the smallest shower enclosure is available in sizes as tiny as 32 inches × 32 inches. You can stand and wash despite its small size, especially if you have an average body size.

However, the small size of the shower space restricts your body movement. Furthermore, if you have a taller, you may require additional space.

The shower should be 3646 inches in length for those in wheelchairs. The shower space should be 36 inches x 48 inches if you have an older adult in your home.

Accessories to Increase the Height of Your Shower Head

Shower water filtration

The water filter attached to your shower head is not a height item. Still, it is highly significant for improving your skin, hair, and overall beauty by removing impurities. If you attach it to your shower head, the height will alter based on the kind, so plan carefully if you wish to add such a filter to your shower.

You should use a high-quality shower head water filter to take better care of your skin and hair, use less soap when showering, and keep your bathroom clean from water stains.

Slide bar in the shower

The slide bar can hold your handheld showerhead, which you can secure to the wall with a shower holding rail. You can move (alter) the showerhead along this rail, resulting in a different shower height. You may hang the rail at any height you choose and use it to handle your handheld showerhead and another showerhead if you have one.

Shower Arm

Shower arms are classified into two types: adjustable and s-type. The adjustable shower arm is essentially an extension of your shower arm that allows you to raise the height of your shower head.

Because you won’t need to replace any parts to attach this arm, the installation will be simple. Another form of shower arm is the “s-type,” which is shaped like an “S” and is attached by removing the current shower arm and replacing it with the s-type one.

Swivel balls adapter

Shorter persons utilize the swivel ball adaptor to adjust the showerhead spray. In this manner, the water angle will be appropriate, and it will reach you rather than, say, the shower wall. It’s an excellent way to alter your shower height and is less expensive than other methods of adjusting your shower height or spray direction.


What is the ideal height for a shower head?

If we’re not discussing the industry standard, the ideal height would be a few inches higher than the tallest person in the shower. So, for example, if you are the tallest person in your household and are 6 feet 6 inches (199cm) tall, the suggested height of the showerhead is at least 6 feet 9 inches (206cm).

What is the industry standard for shower head height?

The industry height varies depending on the shower head, but experts believe it’s 80″ from the floor (6 feet 8 inches or 203cm).

Is the height of the shower enclosure important when selecting a showerhead?

It does, indeed. Shower enclosures are installed inches above the shower floor; thus, measure the height from the shower enclosure floor rather than the bathroom floor. Installing a shower enclosure that touches the ceiling is not recommended, especially if insufficient ventilation prevents water damage, such as mildew or another fungus.

What is the average height of a shower enclosure?

The dimensions of your bathroom determine the height of shower enclosures. The industrial norm ranges from 72 inches (182cm) to 78 inches (198cm).

What is the ideal shower valve height?

The height of this area of the shower should be between 38 and 48 inches above the floor. Although the distance depends on the user’s height, the valve or controls should be accessible from all shower spray directions.

Where should the shower head be placed?

The showerhead should direct water away from the face and hair and toward the body. Unfortunately, in many showers and tub/shower combinations, a fixed showerhead is roughed in at 72 to 78 inches off the floor.

Are bigger shower heads better?

For starters, the faces of rain shower heads are significantly larger in diameter than those of regular shower heads. So if you’re not making any alterations to your current shower stall or bathtub, you’ll want to be sure that a new, bigger shower head doesn’t spray water over your floors every time you turn it on.

How close can the shower head be to the ceiling?

I like the notion of it being 8″-18″ below the ceiling. A little rain head 24″ from the ceiling may appear weird. A 20″ rain head mounted 24″ from the ceiling would look nice.

What height should shower controls be?

Shower controls should be installed 40”-50” (102-127 cm) above the shower floor and out of the direct line of the water route to avoid being caught in excessively cold or hot water while functioning.


Because everyone’s demands vary, there is no such thing as an “optimal” shower head height. The best option is to calculate the height based on the tallest individual who will use the shower. If you do not use the bathroom or intend to sell it, ensure that the height is at least 80 inches (203cm), if not more.

You can also install a shower head that best suits the users, such as the ones I listed before. You have numerous options, and I hope that this essay has assisted you in determining the best course of action.


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