10 Best MWF Water Filters For Your Refrigerator: Buyer’s Guide

by Jay | Updated on March 28th, 2023

The water supply of two out of ten households is contaminated with pharmaceuticals, microbes, chlorine, and lead, to name a few.

To remedy that, people have been in the market for different kinds of water filters like whole house RO, pitcher filters, faucet filters, and refrigerator filters. So if you own a GE (General Electric refrigerator), you’re in the right place because we can provide a solution that’s just right for you. 

MWF Water Filters

MWF filters are explicitly designed for GE refrigerators. The best ones have the extraordinary power of removing 20 kinds of contaminants from your water supply, including but not limited to the ones mentioned above. 

There are a lot of variants that you can choose from, and they all have unique features. You can be sure that there is always something that fits your preference and needs. We took the liberty of conducting research for you, and now we will give you the ultimate run-down on the top 10 impressive models we encountered to help you in your decision-making process. 


General Electric GE MWF CompatiblePureza
Duration6 months6 months200 gallons 4 PACKS
External Testing CertificationNSFNSFNSF

Our Top 10 Best MWF Water Filters:

1. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter – Premium Choice

Since MWF filters are designed specifically for GE refrigerators, it is only right that the replacement filter is of the same variant. Based on its NSF certification, it can eliminate 14 different contaminants, while the manufacturer claims it can remove up to 20. This is an authentic GE fridge filter which means it is priced higher than most generic filters on the market today. 

Among the water pollutants, it can eliminate are chlorine, lead, cysts, asbestos, and certain volatile organic compounds. It also can cleanse your water of pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen and progesterone. It may be pricey, but it is also heavy-duty. 


  • Authentic GE Refrigerator Filter
  • Compatibility with GE appliances
  • Can filter out pharmaceuticals
  • NSF certified for effective reduction of 14 contaminants


  • Expensive

2. GE MWF Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter

Every 6 months, original GE MWF filters might cost you many dollars. This might be a problem for a family on a tight budget. If you share this sentiment, you will require an appropriate aftermarket refrigerator water filter. The Best GE MWF Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter is one of the refrigerator filters causing quite a stir among homeowners.

We determined that the primary distinction between the Best and the GE water filter is the pricing. This is around one-third the price of an original unit. Nonetheless, it provides impressive water filtration capability.

Best intended its water filter to operate with GE refrigerators that were compatible. However, verifying with the company is a good idea to see if their product will suit your refrigerator. For example, if you have a PHS21100 water filter, you should contact the manufacturer if their water filter would be a suitable replacement.

The Best water filter, like the original, has a long service life. It also has the same capacity, making it not dissimilar to a genuine GE device. The filtration mechanism could be slightly different. However, our testing revealed that the best water filter could deliver refreshing and safe drinking water.

Here’s the genuine sour note regarding the best product. True, it works just like a genuine GE filter. However, it is crucial to note that the original has an NSF-53 classification. There is no such accreditation for the Best filter.


  • A good substitute for the original GE MWF filter.
  • Service life is extended
  • Simple to install and use
  • Effective at eliminating various particles from water
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not as efficient as a genuine GE MWF filter.

3. Pureza Filter PF8 MWF Water Filter – Best Value

A water supply that’s filled with pharmaceuticals does not apply to a lot of households. It only usually occurs in areas with an industrial plant nearby. Still, in general, the typical water supply does not contain much of that kind of contaminant. In that case, you won’t need a fancy filter, especially on a budget. 

The Pureza Filters PF8 MWF filter cartridge takes care of your wallet and your water supply simultaneously. In a single pack of filters, you get three different filters for the price of just one filter of another brand. You do not have to worry about efficiency and reliability because it also has an NSF 42 certification. Say goodbye to that unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine in your water with this budget-friendly filter.


  • Affordable
  • Three filters for the price of one
  • Long-lasting


  • Only removes chlorine

4. ICEPURE PRO MWF Refrigerator Water Filters

This is another budget-friendly find. Like the Pureza model, you also get three filters in a pack at a reasonable price, with each filter having a six-month guarantee. Icepure Pro MWF filter is not a premium filter, so it does not filter out pharmaceuticals like other high-standard models. However, it can still effectively eliminate more than 20 contaminants which are already impressive considering its price. 

It can still perform top-notch filtering of chlorine, lead, and mercury, to name a few. So your drinking water will still be free from the chlorine odor and taste and safe for drinking.


  • Three filters in one pack
  • Affordable
  • Six months guarantee for each filter


  • Not suitable for removal of pharmaceuticals

5. Waterdrop WDS MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

Here is another three-in-one filter pack with outstanding performance. The NSF awarded this model with three certifications, which means it has proven to be effective in removing many contaminants, and the quality is also reliable. Waterdrop WDS MWF Refrigerator Water Filters have a 0.5-micron pore size that keeps chlorine, lead, benzene, and cysts from your drinking water. 

The only downside is that it cannot eliminate dissolved pharmaceuticals, which may not be necessary if your water does not contain that. Also, expect a slower flow rate in your water because of the pore size of the filter. 


  • Three filters in one pack
  • Three NSF certifications
  • 0.5 micron filtration size


  • Cannot remove pharmaceuticals
  • Slows down the water flow rate

6. FilterLogic MWF Refrigerator Water Filters

We noticed that the filters that come in 3’s per pack do not remove pharmaceuticals in your water. This is another affordable filter replacement packed in 3’s and costs a lot less than single-packed filters of other brands. Not to worry, though, because it is still very efficient in removing the primary water contaminants like chloride and lead. That can be attested with the multiple NSF certifications that this model has.

The drawback of this product is that you waste a lot of water during the initial priming of the filter. It requires around three gallons for the priming, which is very discouraging and a severe waste of good water. 


  • Cheap price
  • Three filters in one pack
  • NSF Certifications


  • Does not eliminate pharmaceuticals
  • You waste three gallons of water for priming

7. AQUACREST MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

Aquacrest MWF filters remove non-essential elements such as lead and chlorine, thereby improving the taste of your drinking water. At the same time, it preserves the essential electrolytes you need from a healthy glass of water. This also comes in three filters in a single pack while costing much less than most individual filters. 

If you suspected it wouldn’t remove pharmaceuticals, you guessed right. However, it has an efficient activated carbon filter that can eliminate the majority of chlorine and lead content and other organic substances. 


  • Budget-friendly pick
  • 3-in-1 package
  • Can remove volatile organic compounds


  • Cannot remove pharmaceuticals and other chemical substances

8. Waterspecialist MWF Refrigerator Water-Filters

We always love these 3-in-1 deals so allow us to share another with you. Since each filter lasts six months, you won’t have to purchase another pack for the next year and six months. 

Water specialist MWF Refrigerator Water Filter can remove a good amount of chlorine, lead, and mercury but not pharmaceuticals. But we have to warn you about the downsides of this product. First, it has quite a slow flow rate. What’s worse is that some of the filters weren’t as effective in improving the taste of the filtered water. We’re not sure whether it varies on the particular unit or if the manufacturer has an issue maintaining the consistency of the quality of the products.


  • Affordable
  • 3 filters in one pack


  • Slow flow rate
  • The resulting water from some filters did not taste good
  • Does not remove pharmaceutical contaminants

9. GLACIER FRESH MWF Refrigerator Water-Filter

For a change, the Glacier Fresh MWF Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge does not come in 3’s anymore, so it does cost a little bit more. The NSF 42 certification guarantees a 97% chlorine elimination from your water supply. But that’s where the benefits stop. It only improves water quality through chlorine removal but does not take care of other contaminants, especially pharmaceuticals. 

It also has a pretty low capacity compared to other filters of similar specifications. For example, filters with a 6-month lifespan usually have 300 gallons capacity, but this model can only cater to 200 gallons which is a huge drawback. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Removes chlorine
  • Improves water taste


  • Pricier than 3-in-1 filter packs
  • Does not remove pharmaceuticals
  • 100 gallons less capacity than the average

10. EcoBlueLife EBL7771 MWF Water Filters

The EcoBlueLife EBL7771 MWF Refrigerator Water Filter’s price is more than 50% less than the authentic GE refrigerator filters, but it still costs more than the 3-in-1 filter packs we have mentioned before. Even so, we noticed that the filters that come in 3’s offer more value for their cost. 

Nonetheless, we still commend this model for its activated carbon filter that can eliminate chlorine and other foreign contaminants except for pharmaceuticals, but we already knew that. However, even with the removal of chlorine, the water was still not as appealing to the taste as we expected. Those are the reasons why we put this product last on the list. 


  • More than 50% less than the price of authentic GE filters


  • One filter only per pack
  • Still expensive for its value
  • Cannot remove pharmaceuticals

MWF Water Filters and Why You Need It

Clean water is essential for the survival and maintenance of normal body functions. We need it for energy, temperature regulation, metabolism, and other physiological processes. Since we cannot be entirely confident of the safety and purity of the water that comes out directly from our tap, a filtration system is our answer to that uncertainty.

The MWF filter must be replaced when necessary in GE refrigerators. This is because bacteria and other microorganisms, as well as other contaminants, accumulate in moist water, which is not absent in refrigerators. 

MWF filters cleanse your water from unwanted content and provide safe drinking water stripped of potential contaminants that are likely to cause harm to your health. As a result, bacteria that cause waterborne diseases are prevented from multiplying and even eradicated, reducing your risk of acquiring the diseases. Quality drinking water also effectively flushes out toxins from your body and moisturizes your skin.  

We highly recommend replacing your old MWF filter or buying one in case you have not used one before. It won’t cost you much, and it is also one of the market’s most efficient types of water filters today. 

How It Works

MWF filters work no differently than the rest of the other types of water filters. The main objective is to clear out the foreign particles and extraneous matter that compromises water quality and safety.

These can be debris, rust, sediments, heavy metals, mineral deposits, organic chemicals, disinfectants, bacteria, viruses, other pathogens, and many others. The primary filter media is activated carbon that draws in the contaminant particles to its surface, leaving your water clear and pure. 

Filtration usually consists of three stages: the first stage is responsible for the large particles, the second for the finer particles, and the final stage takes care of the remnants from the first two stages. 

MWF filters usually last around 6 months before they need replacement. Some indicators of this can be when ice forms in your refrigerator or when you notice a change in the smell or taste of your water. 

Failing to do so will result in a loss in the efficiency of your filter’s performance, and instead of getting clean water, you will end up having unfiltered water again. This is because the filter media have run out of space on their surfaces for new particles to adhere to, so they remain in your water. There is also a chance that the contaminant particles on the surface of the filter media will be washed away by the water supply and even add to the pollutants of your water. 

Types of MWF Water Filters

There are many variants of MWF filters in terms of location and type. We listed them down below. 

  • Grille Water Filters

From the name itself, this water can be found near the grille inside your refrigerator. Since they are already pre-installed, all you need to do is replace them when it reaches their lifespan. They are also known as push-in filters, hidden from view in a cylindrical container. 

  • Drop-Down Water Filters

This type of filter does not take up too much space in the interior of your refrigerator because of its well-concealed location. It is located near the food compartment area in a drop-down container. However, with this location comes a slight hassle in installation and replacement. 

  • Slide-Out Water Filters

Like the grille-type filters, they are well-concealed and only need a push of a button to eject. This type is among those that are not that difficult to replace and maintain. 

  • Canister Water Filters

Canister water filters are typically placed behind the food compartment of your refrigerator and are styled differently depending on the manufacturer. In addition, brands have different ejection styles for this type of filter. You can either turn it, or you may need to use a wrench to eject it from its plastic container. 

When it comes to replacing the filter, it is more secure with the latter kind of containment. It has an O-ring gasket that contributes to the filtration process. However, you will also need to replace this for every three filter replacements to keep it running smoothly. 

  • Inline Water Filters

For this last filter, the inline filter is typically located behind your fridge and connected to the inbound water line that goes into the appliance. These are usually in older refrigerator models that do not have grille filters. Because of its location, installation and replacement will be a little hassle. 

Advantages of a GE MWF Water Filter

It takes more than just going through customer feedback and conducting product research to decide whether something is worth the purchase. You also have to weigh the pros and cons of owning the product and determine if it is worth the investment. So allow me to give you an overview.

  • It gives you clean drinking water.

A smaller micron size means a finer filtration size that can capture small contaminant particles. For example, 20 microns is the typical rating for most filters that employ activated carbon. This can already filter out chlorine, heavy metals, and various chemical substances. As a result, the water you get is safe for drinking and culinary use. 

  • Improve the quality of your water

When your water is stripped of the pollutants, its taste and scent will also improve. In addition, purified drinking water is much more palatable and thirst-quenching compared to unfiltered water. 

  • Prevention of waterborne diseases

Moist spots and stagnant water are favorite spots of microorganisms to inhabit and reproduce in. Refrigerators are no exception. Filters help reduce the accumulation of these microbes by constantly cleansing your water supply and lessen the risk of having these biological contaminants. Thus, protecting you from the possibility of acquiring diseases from dirty water, mainly from the bacteria that harm the gastrointestinal system. 

Disadvantages of a GE MWF Water Filter

  • Low-grade filters

The most common type of filter media used is activated carbon. This is the most efficient because it is used by almost all kinds of water filters, from large, heavy-duty ones down to smaller ones. In addition, carbon can adsorb solid particles, making it a safe and efficient water cleanser. 

But not all water filter models use this material, especially the low-costing models, which could compromise the filtration capacity of the unit. As a result, your water may not be thoroughly purified, and the unit might have defects resulting in your water being filled with more contaminants than before. 

  • Relatively short lifespan

Most of these filters only last around 6 months, and then you’ll have to replace them with a new one. Suppose you use the filter beyond that period. In that case, you run the risk of having unfiltered water and even exposing your water to more contaminants that are already on the filter media. 

A Buyer’s Criteria Guide for MWF Water Filters

Installing an MWF water filter effectively reduces the risk of attracting microorganisms and disease-causing waterborne bacteria to your water supply. Refrigerators utilize water, so it is one of the places in our homes where bacteria can accumulate. Aside from that, you get to enjoy clean and fresh drinking water straight out of your refrigerator and even use it for preparing food. 

There are many specifications for MWF filters, just like every other device. Models may vary in the specific functions that they perform and features that they have. Below are some considerations you need to consider when choosing the perfect filter for your fridge.

  • Appliance Compatibility

Not all filter models go with all refrigerators. Fridges have different styles and locations of the compartments for the filter. You need to know your refrigerator’s model and design before looking for the filter that goes with it. Having a filter that does not match your fridge is pointless because there is no workaround for that. We highly advise selecting a dedicated filter designed especially for your fridge. Universal filters can be good, too, but they might be more prone to leaking issues. 

  • Certifications from Authorized Bodies

Before a product is launched in the market, it is typically subjected to quality testing by authorized regulating bodies. For example, regarding water filters, the National Sanitation Foundation International is one of the authorities that issue certifications to products that pass their quality tests. You should know that these tests have very high standards, so if a product has a certification from this regulating body, you can be assured that it is high quality, performs efficiently, and is proven safe for public use. 

  • Filtering Power

The micron pore size is a vital factor in determining how much a filter can cleanse from your water. The lower the micron rate, the more contaminants, and smaller particles the filter can eliminate. For example, the activated carbon filter is the standard filter media used today and has a 20-micron level. 

Filter Type and Location

This is important because it determines the level of hassle you have to go through when you install the filter and every time you replace it. Some refrigerators hide their filters in inconvenient places, while some place them in easily accessible spots. The location depends on the kind of filter. 

  • Lifespan and Filtering Capacity

The typical lifespan of an MWF filter is 6 months, with the usual capacity of 300 gallons. They perform well during the first few months. Make sure not to use them beyond that period so you won’t risk getting the opposite effect of the filter. 

  • Convenience in installation and operation

Some filters are pretty easy to handle and install. You can take care of most of these by yourself, and an instruction manual comes with the unit package. Nonetheless, it is still preferable for you to choose one that does not require any exceptional help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an MWF filter usually last?

On average use, six months is the maximum expected lifespan of an MWF filter. However, this can either be lengthened or shortened depending on several factors, such as the frequency and volume of your consumption and water quality. 

If your water supply is heavily contaminated, the filter must exert more effort. The filter media will have a shorter lifespan as it will carry more contaminants and reach its capacity sooner than expected. 

Lastly, the filter will last longer if you do not consume that much water daily. For example, most filters with 300 gallons capacity can last up to 300 days if you only consume a gallon daily. 

How do you maintain an MWF filter?

Detach the filter from the appliance first.

1. Remove the large contaminant particles that may have stuck to the surface of the filter media.

2. Prepare a solution of warm water with a mild cleanser or vinegar and mild dish soap if a cleanser is unavailable. Do not use strong chemical disinfectants. 

3. Immerse the filter media in the cleansing solution for 20-30 minutes.

4, Rinse it by running it under flowing water until the water is clear.

5. Air dry the filter before reattaching it to your refrigerator. 

There are modern filter models with indicator panels to tell you about the status of the filter media, but they are pretty expensive.

For models with this feature, if you notice a slight change in the taste or odor of your drinking water, it may indicate that it needs cleaning or total replacement. 

How to change a GE MWF refrigerator water filter?

For most refrigerator models, you have to twist the filter counterclockwise, which will slide out of the compartment. Pour in a small amount of water to assist with the flow after installation, then insert it back in. 

Twist it back in a clockwise direction but do not use force. The cartridge will automatically reposition itself in place. Remember to prime the filter for a few minutes first.

Is it necessary to turn off the water to change the water filter?

The water supply automatically shuts off when you detach the filter. Therefore, you do not need to do this manually. 


We can’t stress enough how vital we intake clean drinking water. For General Electric refrigerators, a ubiquitous appliance and usually the source of many households for drinking water, MWF filters ensure the cleanliness of the water that runs through the fridge. Once this filter reaches the end of its lifespan, you can choose from the wide variety of replacements available in the market today. 

There are generic MWF filters that cost less. However, there are also authentic GE filters that are pretty expensive. Each has its pros and cons, which we have already narrowed down for you above. 

To summarize, our top picks are:

The Pureza Filters PF8 MWF water filter is our pick for the best value for money. This generic filter replacement comes in three replacement filters in a single pack at a price less than the individual pack. 

And lastly, if you are not that conscious about your budget, we highly recommend the authentic GE water filter replacement for premium performance. It can remove pharmaceuticals plus up to 15 other water contaminants and is compatible with most GE refrigerators. 


Jay is a health and wellness enthusiast with expertise in water quality and nutrition. As a knowledgeable advocate for holistic well-being, Jay successfully manages Type 2 Diabetes through informed lifestyle choices. Committed to sharing reliable and authoritative insights, Jay combines firsthand experience with a passion for enhancing health."