Here’s How Long a Camco Water Filter Lasts

by Jay | Posted on July 5th, 2023

Filtering your water supply efficiently and affordably is important, and that’s where a Camco water filter shines. But you may be wondering about its lifespan. In this article, we’re diving into the longevity of Camco water filters and other factors that can influence their performance. Let’s get started!

Meet the Camco Water Filter

The Camco RV and Marine Disposable Water Filter, model CAM40043, is a must-have for any RV and freshwater system. With its impressive 500-gallon capacity, it’s guaranteed to last an entire camping season. However, its actual lifespan can vary based on usage and environmental factors.


What is a Camco Water Filter?

The Camco water filter, also known as the CAM40043, connects between a freshwater hose and the RV. Its role? To remove unwanted elements like chlorine, bad tastes, odors, sediment, and other contaminants from your water supply. It’s also equipped with a handy shut-off valve that stops water flow when the filter needs replacing. This feature makes it an excellent choice for maintaining clean, safe drinking water in your RV.

Camco Water Filter Lifespan: The Details

Typically, the Camco RV and Marine Disposable Water Filter CAM40043 will last for about three months. Should you encounter any issues with your filter, the manufacturer provides troubleshooting instructions for quick and easy solutions.

Factors Affecting a Camco Water Filter’s Lifespan

The longevity of a Camco Water Filter can be influenced by several variables such as the filter type and size, water usage, and the quality of the water being filtered. For instance, water with high levels of dirt, debris, or chemicals can shorten a filter’s lifespan. To alleviate strain on a single filter, consider using two smaller units at necessary points of use instead.

Tips to Prolong Your Camco Water Filter’s Life

For maximum lifespan, it’s important to regularly check your Camco water filter for any dirt or debris buildup and clean it off with fresh water. Remember to use clean or potable water in your RV to prevent clogging the filter. Moreover, plan to replace the filter every two months or after 40 gallons of water, whichever comes first. This frequency might increase if you’re dealing with sediment-rich water.

Keeping Your RV’s Fresh Water System Sanitized

Regular sanitation of your RV’s freshwater system is a must, even if you use it sparingly. It’s recommended to sanitize the water tank at least every six months, as well as each spring after taking your RV out of storage. If dirtier water seems to be infiltrating the tank, consider replacing your Camco water filter more frequently.

To sanitize your RV’s fresh water tank, use an appropriate cleaner and adhere to the provided instructions. Don’t forget to flush the system thoroughly after sanitation and before using it again. Regular maintenance of your RV’s fresh water system ensures clean and safe drinking water for your camping adventures.

Troubleshooting Camco Water Filter Problems

If you’re experiencing issues with your Camco water filter, the culprits could be a clogged or worn-out filter, improper installation, or incorrect maintenance. Regular inspection for signs of wear or damage and timely replacement can keep your filter running smoothly. If the filter appears clogged, aim to clear any blockages before resorting to replacement. Lastly, proper installation and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions can help prevent future issues.

Looking for Camco Water Filter Alternatives?

If you’re exploring alternatives to the Camco water filter, consider other RV water filters options. These alternatives not only last longer but also offer easy installation and minimal maintenance. Plus, they’re capable of filtering out bacteria and other contaminants. Both systems can be conveniently purchased at RV supply stores or online.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Camco RV and Marine Disposable Water Filter CAM40043 is a reliable, cost-effective solution for RV owners needing a dependable water filter. With its ease of use, it should last around three months under normal usage. As with any filter, lifespan can be influenced by factors like water usage, water quality, and environmental conditions. If the Camco water filter doesn’t quite match your needs, there are several other brands available as alternatives. Happy camping!


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